Norton Fake Phone Number – Tech Support Scam

After the recent fake Yahoo support number that was posted to a forum I went in search of other potentially iffy support companies… this evening I searched for a common search term and called the first number I found. This happened to be:

08000513726 aka. “0800-051-3726” or +448000513726

I have the entire call recorded but most of it is fairly standard with the guy trying to tell me that I had problems and needed to pay for 2 years of “Norton End Protection” at about £89.


However after spending about 40 minutes on the phone to him I hung up but left him connected, he typed about needing my phone number to call me back… I then drew a magenta cock on the screen. His response was to type “F–k you” (uncensored) into notepad.. I said “It’s been a pleasure” and he wrote “You ass hole!”… set my home page on all my browsers to the following URL and then disconnected:


It asks the “attacked” person to call:
1-844-813-8227 / 18448138227

(Another potentially related domain –

IP: [] hosted at GoDaddy and domain registered at GoDaddy with privacy protection.
Quite interesting to see that the domain was only registered on the 5th March 2015 – so very recent.

What is quite interesting is the similarity of the warning message used by the “a2ztech” scam at the end of 2014.

spamvertising fraud

spamvertising fraud2

Either stolen code or the scam is run by the same people.

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