Spam SMS – Suspicious (Infected phone sharing numbers?)

This evening I had a very unusual set of SMS messages sent to my phone.

Until today – the only SMS spam I’ve had to my phone is for a Pizza place I used once.. I’ve requested they stop via SMS and via phone calls and they still send me crap – the next time they do this I will be going to the Information Comissioner.

However this evening I had a text message:

From: +447769626925 (07769626925) – allocated to Vodafone Uk Ltd.

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but… seconds later a genuine message from one of my customers.
This customer seems to me to be a likely one to get malware on their phone. I wonder if, but will probably never know, while typing the message to me – malware on her phone skimmed my number and sent it to the spammers to send me crap… weird.

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