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ZeroShell Activation “Hack” / “Keygen”..

Important: The official free ZeroShell activation page is here…¬† The information below was an investigation into basing or bypassing the registration. Update – 6th Feb 2015: As pointed out by a comment on this article by a reader – the … Continue reading

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Email account at compromised

I was called by one of my customers today. They were concerned about an e-mail they had received from one of their suppliers which contained an attachment. Indeed, the email was the typical recent junk e-mail containing a zip file … Continue reading

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What happens when two scammers call eachother

Conference call between two “your computer has a virus” scammers. Amazing.. it reminds me of the “Cleverbot” conversation.

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Office 365 LastLogonTime report. Find inactive users on Office 365.

Took me a while to find this code on another site.. I’ve modified it slightly. This reports the last log on date of every user in your organisation. Copy and paste it into the PowerShell after connecting and then press … Continue reading

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httpwebrequest 3 requests timeout problem in

I recently wrote a tool to auto-post information to Twitter every 3 minutes. However I hit a problem that took me a week to figure out. Each time the program would work fine for the first two or so posts, … Continue reading

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