One of my customers recently had a run-in with who advertise prominently on Google Keywords like “Kaspersky Help” “hotmail password help” etc..


They asked the customer if they could remote into her computer and then started tried selling them £400 of software.

Luckily the customer was wary enough to then end the call..

A couple of notes on my testing.. Most!!! inbound calls to their 0800 056 3070 (08000563070) number are answered with the correct “Welcome to guruaid, suppliers of independent tech support” welcome – which is vague but should let most intelligent people know they are not calling the company they thought they were.

However, about 1 in 5 calls seem to be answered either with a welcome that is unintelligible or just “Hello, this is tech support” or similar.

Although they are right on the line.. they are not quite like the “windows” / “calling from your ISP” scam callers. They still could make it far clearer to callers that they are unrelated and not contracted or associated with the service they are seeking help with.

Google could also be doing more to prevent these kinds of adverts.

Update 28th Feb 2015:

I take back what I said about them being right on the line in the original article.. I came across another customer who had googled for hotmails helpline and ended up calling GuruAid… this time I had a record of what they did on the computer. They use the same scam tactics of showing people msconfig, the temporary files and event viewer to tell them that their computer is infected with viruses.

Here is the run history from the computer. One of the most interesting entries is “chrome 0x80070422” – which takes you to an IP address: – but isn’t responding with a website at the moment.


Another domain associated with their operation is

Edit: 5th May 2015 – looks like this company are behind a spate of forum spam posts with a similar number, 08000868676, being posted. When called they don’t really explain who they are or what they can help with.

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