Next e-mail containing virus..

Woke up to many emails today with the subject line…

Confirmation of Order Number (and then a random number)

The earliest one I have been sent was at 7:39 UK time. They were still coming in as I write this post.
Several are to addresses that have just been “guessed”. One is to a leaked address by a car rental company. One is to an address leaked by Adobe, one is to an address scraped from a text file in an open directory on the internet. One was to an address leaked by logmein.

                 < images/BHLiveTicketsLogoWhite.png>   ORDER CONFIRMATION              

Order Number  Order Date       

<REDACTED NUMBER HERE>                07-09-2014 13:00            

YOUR E-TICKET(S) ARE ATTACHED TO THIS EMAIL, SENT TO REFACTED EMAIL ADDRESS. Please print ALL PAGES of the PDF file attached to the email and bring them with you to gain admission to the event. 

The attachment requires that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, please click HERE <>  to download and install this program.       

TICKETS                QTY       TICKET TYPE       PRICE EACH                        TOTAL 

Peter Pan

Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre

Tue 23 Dec 2014 – 7:00 PM            3              Early Bird – Price A           18.00                     54.00   

6              Early Bird Child Under 16 – Price A            15.00                     90.00   

Ticket Information          

Circle/A 35-30 (6) , Circle/B 33-31 (3)       


DELIVERY METHOD          AMOUNT          

Print At Home – E-Ticket(s) are attached to this order confirmation (You must be able to open and print a PDF file)           1.00               


PAYMENTS         TYPE     #            DATE    AMOUNT          

Mastercard         Sale       ************7006      03-09-2014 13:00             145.00 

Please keep this confirmation in a safe place.


YOUR E-TICKET(S) ARE ATTACHED TO THIS EMAIL Please call 0844 576 3000 if there are any errors in your order, if you have not received your tickets as expected, or if you have any questions.

BH <>   

BH Live Tickets

Exeter Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5BH

Tel: 0844 576 3000

VAT Reg: 108 2248 37

TICKETS:               144.00 

CHARGES:           1.00      

TOTAL:  145.00 



Suffice to say – they are viruses / junk. Do not open the attachment. If you DID open the attachment you should seek professional help to check your computer is clean, even if it looks like nothing happened when you clicked the attachment.

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