OS X / Mac Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0.8 and Remote Web Workplace problem.

Update – 20/Aug/2014: This problem still exists in the 8.0.9 update.

One of my customers has a Windows Server 2008 R2 (Small Business Server) setup with Remote Web Workplace allowing employees to log in via a web browser and then RDP into their computers in the office.

The employees running Windows had no problem at all. The employees running older Apple computers also had no problems.

Recently one of the employees came to me with a problem when they tried to connect. They would log in to the remote web workplace website, click on their computer, then run the .rdp file.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0.8 application would launch and then tell them:

“Unable to connect to remote PC. Please provide the fully-qualified name or the IP address of the remote PC, and then try again.

I initially thought that there was a problem with the computer being off. I tested from my windows machine and could connect fine.

A few Google results suggested a configuration problem on the Windows Remote Desktop Gateway server. I discounted this suggestion and I’m glad I did.

A quick Wireshark later and I could tell that the Mac isn’t even trying to make a connection to the office server. Clearly Microsoft have not written their new Remote Desktop Mac Client to read all the settings (namely the Gateway Server information) from the RDP file.

The solution was to statically configure the connection in the MAC RDP client like so…



First go into the Options (the cog symbol) and add a Gateway.

The Gateway name can be anything you want, it is just a reference.

The Server box should contain the IP or host name of your office broadband connection.

The User name should contain “domain\user” for example “filmschool\JohnSmith”

Type in the password.

Go out of the options and then click New on the main list of RDP connections.

In the connection name box type in a reference like “My office pc”

In the PC name box you will need to type in the IP or computer name of your computer in the office. You will need to either open the RDP file in a text editor to find this or ask your I.T. Support for the computer name.

Select the new gateway that you just added in the Gateway drop down list.

The User name should contain “domain\user” for example “filmschool\JohnSmith”

Type in the password.

Leave the other options alone unless you know what you are doing or what you want to change.

Go out of that screen and click your newly added entry in the list, it should connect and let you onto your office computer!

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2 Responses to OS X / Mac Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0.8 and Remote Web Workplace problem.

  1. Mike Millward says:

    My situation is same as yours but your solution does’t work for me. I am using latest version of RD and OS X 10.11.6. Windows RDP works great but can’t connect with my Mac

  2. Sadly it has been many years since I’ve used a Mac with Remote Web Workplace. I don’t have anything to test with these days but I would expect it to be very similar changes to the ones I document.

    Or if you have an IT department or tech guy who can help – aim them at this article and give them your computer and see if they can fathom out what needs doing :)

    Good luck,

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