Harkins Theatres stupid DDoS blocking config.

I’m on holiday and wanted to look up movie times in Sedona. The cinema (theater) is run by Harkins and it seems their I.T. Support feel that it is inconceivable that someone from a UK IP address might want to visit their website more than once.

Gateway GEO-IP/BOTNET Alert – This request is blocked by the SonicWALL Gateway Geo IP Service. Country Name:United Kingdom Initiator IP:78.129.REDACTED.REDACTED

When I’m away and on unknown wifi networks I VPN to avoid potential traffic sniffing.. I visited the site twice within a few minutes and get blocked :(
So I remote into my home computer (on a different IP address) and get the same message – even without visiting the site twice.I’ve asked friends to see if they can load the page.. most also are unable to, some can load it but get blocked on page refresh.

Poor config :(

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