Rayman Legends – Pointless DVD?

I bought a game recently because it looked fun. I bought the PC-DVD from Amazon and it arrived in the post shortly after

I intended to play it while in the car while waiting when collecting my wife from an event. I installed the game and was then greeted with the Uplay screen demanding that I create an account before I can run the game.

This was particularly inconvenient considering I wasn’t expecting to need internet to play this DVD based game! I located some wifi and created an account.

I then try to sign in:


“A Ubisoft service is not available at the moment. You can try again later or switch to offline mode.”

This enraged me. Firstly.. why does this game that I ordered (or could have bought offline in a shop) need internet access to play? Secondly.. why doesn’t it fail safe when either the customer has no internet (or more frustratingly) Ubisoft have a problem with their online services.

(Also…. where is the offline mode of which they speak?)

It leaves me angry that I’ve paid and I’m unable to play the game. What frustrates me more is the high chance that a pirated version of the game would have no requirement to go online to play it.

Die badly implemented DRM.

EDIT: I get into the game and poke about and want to play… And then.. all of the sudden..

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