You may disregard previous email communications

I’d first like to open with the comment that Office 365 support is bad.. very, very bad.

I have an error on one of my clients Office 365 domains saying the following:

You would have thought that the request to contact Office365 support over the pretty clear message:

something went wrong

Your organization is marked for removal. If this state is unexpected then please contact Office 365 Support.

X-OWA-Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.TenantAccessBlockedException

Would result in a short and easy route to re-enabling the service.
I’ve spent at least 5 hours on the phone to Microsoft getting, so far, nowhere.
My last call was 66 minutes on hold before the agent came back to me and finally escalated my case to “the platform team” – whatever that means. He also attempted to downgrade my A rating on priority to B, I don’t know what the ratings mean but as the domain has been broken since at least the 27th August and I need it usable by Monday the 2nd September I rejected this downgrade.

Anyway, I finally got a call back from someone in the “U.S. premier team” and missed it.. they never leave their phone number in messages or if they do it is for the initial switchboard and not direct to their department.

Previous attempts to call Microsoft back have resulted in another hour and a half going through the same stuff with a different support agent. Luckily it seems fairly easy to get back in touch with this agent, possibly because they are in the premier team?

One of the more interesting things is this comment in their email to me:  “You may disregard previous email communications received prior to this escalation.”

Back to my rant..
They don’t seem to understand the problem even though it seems pretty obvious. They have attempted to blame my computer, my browser, the license on my Microsoft Office software and that I’ve not assigned the users the correct licenses.
By the time you have gone through all the push button options the call quality is so bad and the delay is so large that you can hardly understand the person on the other end of the line.
This call recording was from just the first step in the chain, after you speak to these people you get put through to two more people.. the last of which is impossible to converse with.

For a product aimed at enterprise and business this kind of support is dire. My advice is to call their USA Office 365 support number as the call quality doesn’t seem to suffer as much and they can still provide support. They won’t be able to help with billing or license issues though, however the billing and licensing team for the UK is based in Germany and the few times I’ve spoken to them they have been very competent.

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